SmugMug is more than just smug

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Previously, I wrote a blog about utilizing technology to enhance my photography business.

Today, I’d like to share another valuable techno tool called SmugMug. SmugMug serves as a platform for photo storage and display, and I have found it to be especially useful for sharing my commercial images with clients. With SmugMug, clients can view a gallery of images, watch a slideshow, and download the photos they wish to use. They can even share the SmugMug link with their own clients.

However, SmugMug recently came to my aid in a completely different way. I was photographing an event where we had a printer on-site to provide guests with magnetic prints on the spot. I would take the shots, then hand over my card to the printer, who would print the photos. There was a lot of technology involved in this process, which inevitably increases the risk of technical issues. On this particular occasion, the SD card reader in our notebook failed, leaving us unable to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer.

Fortunately, technology was able to save the day despite the initial tech failure. I turned to the Canon Camera Connect software to transfer the images from my camera to my phone. Then, I used my phone to upload the photos to SmugMug. Once the photos were on SmugMug, I generated a link and emailed it to the printer. He was able to access the link from his own notebook and download the photos, allowing us to continue with the printing process.