Are you my guru?

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I covered many shoots for Airbnb when they launched their Airbnb Experiences platform. 
Some of my images are on the screengrab above as presented at the launch. 
Are you also a recipient of Airbnb’s business model?
Do you know that Airbnb almost did not get off the ground?
In the early days, the founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia had a brilliant vision. What they lacked was the technical expertise to grow their business. 
Then along comes a man named Nathan Blecharczyk. 
Chesky and Gebbia were introduced to Blecharczyk on an off chance.
He was a software engineer with the exact skills needed to launch AirBnB forward.
Blecharczyk joined AirBnB as a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. 
And as they say, the rest is history. 
He helped transform Airbnb from a struggling startup renting air mattresses to the global powerhouse it is today.
What has this story got to do with you? Got to do with me?
What do I mean by “Are you my guru?”
Being the start of a new year, I thought I’d introduce myself, reintroduce myself. Let you know what I do. And see if you can help with referrals.
You can be my guru (easier to spell than Blecharczyk) by referring me to anyone needing photography services. 
When you need a service, isn’t it great to get a known referral?
To rather use a tried and tested service provider?
Referrals are the best way to both get business and ensure you’re getting the best service. 
So, hit me up with your connections. Spam my name out there to any of your contacts. 
Here goes:
I am a professional freelance photographer. Here’s what I shoot:
Corporate shoots
– Awards functions
– Incentive travel both into SA and overseas.
– Professional portraits
– Conferences
– Workshops
– BTS at music events and movie production
– LinkedIn/social portfolios
– Bespoke, intimate weddings
Family shoots
– Birthdays
– Engagements
– Anniversaries
– Equine captures
Making photos is my passion. Connecting with people is likewise a passion.
Mix the two together and I have my dream job.
So if you are an event organiser or a corporate connector, share my name or connect with me to cover your next event. 
I have the experience and the creativity. I’ve shot some of the largest events ever held around the world.
Any small/corporate company needs professional photographers for a variety of needs. 
And individual influencers nowadays need content.
And then there is my training.
But hey, I’m leaving that for another day, a separate email.
Onwards and upwards. Here’s to photography.
I appreciate you. Thanks for being here.
P.S. This year is 40 years since I received my first SLR camera.
I just worked that out. I too am pretty flabbergasted. Yoh!
There’s a story about how I got my first camera which I will keep for a later date.