Lots of noise about AI

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Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is a hot topic in the tech world. And Adobe has recently introduced an exciting AI feature, Denoise, in their photo editing software, Lightroom.

With Denoise, you can easily reduce the noise or grain that is often visible in photographs taken at high ISO settings. ISO works as a dimmer switch for your camera’s sensor, allowing you to take shots in low light while maintaining an acceptable shutter speed. I am referring here to hand-held photography. If you are using a tripod and intentionally using a slow shutter speed then a low ISO is acceptable and actually recommended. Increasing the ISO setting also increases the noise or grain in the image. With Denoise, you can now use AI to automatically remove noise from your photos, making them clearer and more appealing.

Although you can manually denoise images in Lightroom, the new auto AI feature has revolutionized the process. And the results are truly remarkable. With just a few clicks, you can turn a noisy image into a crisp and clean one, as shown in the screen grab example below.

These images are taken from a post by Eric Chan on the Adobe blog. Read it below.


Click here to read the post, Denoise Demystified

It’s important to note that Denoise currently only works with native RAW files. Files shot in MRaw and SRaw formats on Canon cameras, although still CR2 files, are not compatible with the feature.

Lightroom has many other amazing features and continues to improve with each update. So, if you want to know more about this powerful photo editing software, don’t hesitate to reach out!