Dalebrook early morning swims

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Early morning bliss

I grew up across the road, and railway line, from Dalebrook tidal pool in Kalk Bay.

As kids often our early morning “shower” would be a dip in the pool and then we’d head off to school. This beach was our front garden while the mountain was our back garden. I have many wonderful memories of this beach so it was with renewed pleasure that my daughters asked one day if they could go for a swim before school. We now live in Noordhoek on the other side of the mountains so it’s a bit of a drive, however, we made a plan and the girls have been going practically every morning since even during holidays and have no problem getting out of bed earlier than usual. We swim, enjoy the views and the sun for a while, maybe pop into Salt for a coffee/hot choc and croissant and then we drop them off at school.

There is an amazing group of early morning swimmers who are regulars through winter, summer, autumn and spring, rain, wind and sunny, still days. Some very special friendships have developed within this group of people with the pool as the common attraction. It’s such a pleasure to walk through the subway (tunnel) and to be greeted by the regulars, or to sit, with tea in hand, after a swim and greet those still arriving. It’s a special place, at a special time of day with special people.

I have, on most, mornings taken my camera with me. There is almost always something to photograph whether it is the beautiful sunrises, clouds, whales, dolphins, birds, (I missed the otter that was spotted one morning) yoga classes, or just the beautiful early morning light. I’ve been sharing these photos on my Instagram and Facebook pages and after a conversation in the pool today I thought it would also be good to have a collection of the photos in one place and so this page has been born. (Thanks Blanche and John. :-)) I will continue to update this gallery as and when I have new photos to share so please do revisit.


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