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Are you the owner of a digital SLR (DSLR) camera?
Are you a photo enthusiast seeking more photography information?
Do you know what all the buttons do on your camera?
Do you want to progress away from automatic mode?
Do you want to make a career out of photography?
Do you want to know more about editing your images?

I offer One2One Photo Coaching, as well as group training, to photo enthusiasts owning DSLR cameras, as well as to those who want to make a career out of photography. I use my 16 years of professional photography experience to share photo techniques and tips and to coach you into taking the best possible photographs.


I come across a lot of people who, like me, want to turn their passion of taking photos into a business. I offer the same One2One coaching for people wanting to embark on this journey and use my many years of experience to guide you along the path. Being a professional photographer means not only do you need to take great photos, you need to be orientated towards spending lots of time with people and interfacing with all levels of society, you need to know how to quote and invoice and collect the money to pay the bills, you need to know about workflow and marketing. You need to know about the business end of photography.

I have a diploma from The Shaw Academy in Ireland for Adobe Lightroom which is the most popular photo editing package around today. Should you be interested in this workflow and editing package I am more than happy to tailor a training session for you covering post-photo editing.

Recently I have been presenting some group photography training which I have enjoyed. This is a perfect option for a group of like-minded individuals to get together to learn more about photography. This is also a great option for corporates to offer as an incentive or reward to those deserving individuals in the organisation.

“Good morning Stephen.
I just would like to thank you, for yesterday’s informative Session.
The constructive Feedback/criticism was highly appreciated.
I think it helps if someone explains your Camera versus generic Camera Info.
I’m looking forward to more Sessions, you have rejuvenated my interest in photography.
Have a great Day.”

Should any of the above be of interest to you then please drop me a line –


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