From Students to Stars: How Aspiring Photographers Captured the Magic of ‘A Chorus Line’

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As a photographer and coach for aspiring photographers, giving back to my community is a top priority. That’s why I recently offered photography training at my daughter’s school, which also happens to be my alma mater. When the school needed portraits of each cast member for their annual stage production – this year it was “A Chorus Line – Teen Edition,” I used it as a perfect opportunity for the students to learn a bit about portrait photography

Using my PocketWizard off-camera setup with two Canon Speedlights, we created a makeshift studio in one of the classrooms with a felt board background. The students took charge and captured all the images themselves, and the results were impressive.


Fast forward to the opening night of the play and I was struck by an unusual feeling – my images staring back at me. But, of course, it wasn’t my own face I saw, but the portraits of each cast member proudly displayed in the foyer of the school. The learners who took the photos had every reason to feel proud, and I felt the same way seeing their work on display. The images were also used in the production program and as well by the cast on stage.

It’s moments like this that remind me why I love teaching photography and giving back to my community. It’s not just about capturing beautiful images, but it’s also about empowering others to do the same and watching them grow in confidence and skill.



Ps. This compliment just came in from a parent: “The black and white portrait photos of the cast of the show are so beautiful. I heard Stephen took them or the students took them under his guidance. Wow!!!! We stared at them for ages.”