The Return Part II

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01 July 2011
Kalk Bay Reef
Around 4′
Clean, gentle offshore
Moderate to small crowd
Blue sky and beautiful light (The photographer coming out in me…)

If you missed The Return Part I check here.

So after a few weeks of driving through to Kalk Bay to check on the surf, and then not actually getting in the water, today proved to be a great session. It was full high tide so the waves were a bit soft, however, they were great fun and I got myself a good few barrels. I’m still not entirely happy with my timing at take off (this is crucial at The Reef because if you mess up on take off you are pretty much doomed). I reckon the more I get back into this though the better my timing will get.

It’s great seeing the old, and some not so old, faces in the water and the look of surprise on their faces when they see me out there again. Some of the questions are interesting. This afternoon one guy says to me “So, I believe you’re getting back into kneeboarding after been out of it for 20 years”!!! What? That would mean the last time I surfed was when I was a teenager – not! Geesh, how old does the dude actually thing I am??

One of the conversations out in the water (besides the one about a shark spotting at Muizenberg earlier!) this afternoon was about the apparent lack of depth in SA surfing and “that those in the know say there isn’t much talent to follow in Jordy’s footsteps.” Is this a crisis I was wondering? There certainly are loads of people, youngsters, ballies, boys and girls, all enjoying surfing at the moment and having loads of fun. So isn’t that what is important? That we all have just fun out there?

That was a good session with lots of good conversation and catching up with old connections. Thanks!

Message to self: get out the water before you freeze and cramps set in…. I needed to take a hot bath when I got home to thaw out!