Tip: Getting children to smile….

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… without asking them to say “cheese”. That is just so last year.

While taking some lovely golden hour photos of Tabitha the other day I stumbled onto a great trick on how to get children to smile for photos. I am not one of those photographers who enjoys forcing a smile on a child, however, I do enjoy it, on occasion, when my children smile while I am photographing them. Over the years though they have become a bit nonchalant about Dad holding up a camera and often the facial expression is one of “are you finished yet Dad?”













So back to taking these pics of Tabitha. As gorgeous as the pic it she does have a bit of the “are you done yet Dad” look about her.  So…I put the camera onto high speed shutter release and fired away. Tabi heard the shutter going and looked up wondering what this new noise was all about. Then as the shutter fired away so her smile grew more and more into a lovely huge natural grin. So this is a novel new way to make them smile. I do wonder though how long it will last before I have to find another ingenious way to get the smiles when the look becomes one of “dad, high speeds shutters are just so last year…”

















(Next I suppose I’ll have to post a blog  about how best to edit out the gazillion repeat images you end up with using this technique.)