Silvermine Walk

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The beauty of living in Noordhoek is that 5 minutes one way and you can be on the beach, 5 minutes another way and you can be in the mountains and enjoying a walk past scenes such as this one below.

Yesterday, instead of a walk on the beach we walked the path that runs along the side of the Silvermine River, below Silvermine Dam. This waterfall is a little way down the path.I took this long exposure (1.6sec) while resting the camera on the hand rail of the wooden walkway. I need to go back to this place with tripod and remote release to get some more pics.















I was asked when I decided on doing photography full time if I was concerned that my passion will wane and I’d lose interest in my everyday, personal projects. I’m happy to say that even though I photographed a wedding on Saturday and spent 8 hours there making images I was still inspired yesterday to take my camera with on this walk. So, no, the passion isn’t waning at all – in fact I think I now have more time and inclination to enjoy photography even more. Below some of Jaed enjoying herself on the walk.