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Sharing, it’s what we all do nowadays.

When I first went pro 11 years ago the smallish group of pro photographers in Cape Town protected their plans, ideas, techniques with utmost rigour. The only thing we shared was our pics, on paper, with no metadata.

Since then and coinciding with the digital explosion it looks like everyone wants to share the how/why/where/what of all they do. I’m not sure why we do this. Perhaps because there is a certain pleasure derived from simply sharing something without expecting, or wanting, anything in return. I love it  and makes me think we are headed back to the way “we” used to live in tribes, in communities where it was a necessity to share everything, well most things.

I was motivated to write this because last night I set myself up on Google+. So now I share stuff here on my website, on FaceBook, on Twitter, on Flickr (although I need to share more there…) and now also on Google+. Yikes, where am I going to find the time to do what I love – take photographs! Besides me doing the sharing I am spending more and more time reading and digesting all the great articles that other share.

It all comes down to balance I guess.

Sharing a drumbeat here…