A photo is just a photo, or is it?

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This is a just photograph of a common seagull set against a blue sky with some whispy high clouds. That’s probably all it is to you.

To me though, as the photographer, I look at this photo and I feel myself lying on my back on the harbour wall, at the end of the pier at Kalk Bay Harbour in Cape Town. I hear the sound of the gulls and the approaching fishing boats coming in with their catch of crayfish. I smell the sea and hear the waves lapping up against the pier. The sea has a gentle swell on it but is otherwise smooth and reflecting the blue of the sky. I recall in my mind’s eye the paddler who left the harbour and headed out towards Simon’s Town, his paddles swishing through the water. I hear the fishermen, in the distance, clanging tools as they go about doing repairs to their boat. I hear the tweeet of a train siren as the train pulls out of Kalk Bay station. I see the waves from behind splashing over the tidal pool in front of The Brass Bell Restaurant. I feel the warm winter sun on my face on a beautiful mid week winter’s day in Cape Town.

To me, that is what photography is all about – a single photo can take you back in time to relive all the emotions, feelings and senses experienced when that photo was captured. When I review any of my photographs I relive the moment I pressed the shutter.  If you are not a photographer, go on, give it a try.

To others it is just a seagull….