Morgan Bay 2012

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Photos from our September trip to Morgan Bay Hotel on the Wild Coast, just past East London, of South Africa. This is an awesome destination and one that is very accessible. Often people think of The Wild Coast as an area of gravel, unmaintained roads and inaccessible (and granted, lots of folk visit the area just for this and the remoteness of it all) however, the drive to Morgan Bay is now on tar the entire way making it just a 45 minute drive from East London. You could even fly into East London and catch the shuttle out to the hotel because really, you don’t need transport while on holiday here. The hotel provides for everything food wise with great breakfasts and 6 course dinners. If you have space for lunch you can enjoy light meals at Decks, the family friendly pub alongside the hotel over looking the Indian Ocean.

The hotel is super children friendly and so holidaying here with kids is simply the best. If the rooms were situated any closer to the beach you would get wet at high tide. You falls asleep at night, or afternoon for that matter, with the roar of the sea – you are so close you not hear that distant sound of individual waves, it is a combined roar, or rush, of the ocean Bliss!

Some holiday destinations have a beach and that’s that. This in itself is great. Morgan Bay though has the beautiful beach and on top of that also has rocks and rock pools, and the lagoon. There are also the Kranze (cliffs) which get pounded when the surf is big. Every day we watched dolphins playing the waves in front of our room. There were whales passing by and plenty fish for the fisherman to get rewards, either in the sea or in the lagoon.

We’ll be back!

Enjoy the photos. There are two pages of photos.