Lynda and Neville wedding

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Lynda and Neville live in the UK and travelled to SA to get married. The wedding took place at the stunning Bartholomeus Klip venue. Bartholomeus Klip is situated about 75 minutes form Cape Town outside the town of Wellngton. Driving up to Bartholomeus Klip was like arriving at an oasis. The surrounding wheat fields have all been harvested so the scenery at the moment is one of dusty, barren earth – beautiful in it’s own right. Bartholomeus Klip is surrounded by big, old Oak trees alive with a myriad of birds. The lawns are green and the pool (a converted farm reservoir) a beautiful, cool blue.

On the day of the wedding the first cold front of our autumn was brushing Cape Town and spreading clouds up the west coast and over Bartholomeus Klip. This did not deter in any way to the beautiful, happy occasion though.

The wedding was a small, intimate affair and, as always, I was privileged to be a part of another special day.

Thanks Lynda and Neville and I look forward to our paths crossing again some day.