Wedding Photos of Joanna & Frank

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Jo and Frank originally planned to get married on a beach in Thailand. Due to some logistical challenges this wasn’t possible so they hijacked a friend’s holiday to Cape Town and decided to get married on our shores. Although they are both very well traveled, the German couple had never visited South Africa before. This made their small, intimate wedding even more special.

Their venue of choice was The Twelve Apostles Hotel where the service was conducted in the beautiful Fynbos gardens between the protective Twelve Apostles mountains and a calm Atlantic ocean.

I have always eyed out a little beach between Llandudno and Camps Bay for a photo shoot and for one reason or another have never photographed there. Jo and Frank’s wedding gave me the ideal opportunity to use this beach as a location. Most of the year this little stretch of coast is just big boulders. Over the period of their wedding though there was a lovely stretch of sand between the boulders the cold Atlantic. Although the tide was high we made good use of the sand and the setting sun (and some wave) with the happy couple getttng to feel the sand between their toes on their wedding day as they had planned.

I don’t know if this beach even has a name, I think I’ll refer to it as Bridal Beach in future.

Enjoy the photos.