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If I keep repeating to myself that I need to balance out taking photos, editing, marketing and keeping all the social pages and this blog up to date….well then I’m hoping I’ll get the balance right one day.

Shoo, it has been a while since I last put pen to paper here. Talking of which, and a total sideline…I heard a chap talking on 567 today, he was a writer and his name was Ingpen! I originally heard it as Inkpen…still fascinating though. It’s just like our local billionaire IT chap who bought a ticket and flew to space. His name? Mark Shuttleworth. I guess that list goes on and on. I wonder if it was the name that motivated and manifested in the person to do what they do. Did Gary player become an awesome golfer because people kept on telling him he was a player? That one could have gone way wrong….

2011 ended with a very busy December on the photographic side and then Christmas, New Year and a family holiday were thrown in for good measure. Was awesome and appreciate all the support from good clients. Reminder for next year to do more marketing for company functions and for families from overseas visiting Cape Town. Here are some of the family pics I took over the festive season. Loved the interactions with visitors and in showing off our beautiful city.















More at

I love how much of my business happened in Noordhoek over this last while. All my family photo shoots were in and around Noordhoek and then I shot a stunning wedding at Monkey Valley Resort in the middle of December.









More at Here I really enjoyed putting my PocketWizard off camera flash equipment to good use. I have been reading up, attending workshops and practising this technique so it feels good to see it coming together.

















The wedding of Shelly & Ben was held also in Noordhoek at Monkey Valley Resort. I have been eyeing some old house ruins close by for some time so really enjoyed the opportunity to shoot there.More of Ben & Shelly’s pics at











Living in Noordhoek I have often driven past this location of an old house, probably more a mansion, and thought about shooting there. What better opportunity than to shoot a wedding on site. Awesome spot.









So here’s looking forward to an exciting 2012 and finding balance in all that I do.

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