Ladies and their horses

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Ladies with their horses

                  Girls with their ponies series

Over the years I have noticed how much of my photography follows in the footsteps of my family. There was a time when I did a lot of pregnant photoshoots, then new-borns and young family shoots and so on. It’s been a great journey and one which continues on it’s merry path. More recently I have found myself attracted to photographing all things horsey from show jumping to horse eyes to rides on the beach (see this post) to glam photoshoots of ladies with their with their horses, girls with their ponies, all dressed up.

We have some amazing open spaces in Noordhoek whether it be the beach or some of the forested area for these shoots. Besides noordhoek I am happy to travel to your stables, or nearby location, to do the same for you if you live outside Noordhoek. We can either do a one-to-one photoshoot or you can get a couple of your friends together for a combined shoot.  Contact me on