Photos for free…

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I was photographing an event at a restaurant on a wine farm the other day for a corporate client. The manager of the restaurant came up to me and said “you’re getting some good pics, please can I have some.” I replied “your wine is great, please can I have some?” Ok, I didn’t but I was tempted. (And after posting this on my Facebook page and seeing the comments I’m more encouraged to do so.)

How did it come about that since digital some people think photographers just give photos away? That there is no cost involved with digital. During the film days because photos were printed we were never asked to simply give photos. There is now, in the digital world, a perception that photography costs are nil. As photographers, we all need to work on changing that perception so we can be paid in bottles of wine. There are times when it is mutually beneficial to pass on some images as a marketing exercise. What I would like to see and hear then is the manage, in this case, suggesting to trade the photos for some marketing, or some wine instead of just expecting a freeby.