Famous Faces

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Have I said in any previous posts how much I love what I do? Photography is just an absolute wonderful passion of mine and at times it also leads me to photographing interesting people. Now, I’m not one for glorifying famous people, however, these people often have an allure, a “something” which is attractive to a lot of people. Photographing stars though has also taught me that a lot of these folks are just everyday people doing what they love doing, also living out their passions.

Shakira is a great example and when I photographed her during the World Cup soccer finals in Johannesburg she came across as a wonderful, warm genuine person. She was obliging and interested in how the photographs were to be taken, “is this background ok?”

Another one is Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon. I photographed Gerry’s wedding to businessman Kerry Elsdon and it was just a wonderful, relaxed, intimate and enjoyable occasion.

In this gallery you will see some of the faces I have been privileged to photograph.