The varied life of an event photographer

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In the space of a few days I went from photographing a high end dinner for company CEO’s at The Twelve Apostles Hotel to photographing a project hand over at an underprivileged primary school up in Kimberley. The contrasts…


The 12A is a wonderful venue for events. For a photographer there is no shortage of good angles with the mountain behind you and the Atlantic Ocean in front. The covered event area is all in white which is a dream for photographers. This helps so much with reflecting light and bouncing of flashes off walls and the ceiling.


Some venues don’t take photography into consideration when planning their layout. This is a pity as photographs¬†¬† really help market an establishment. Some go for earthy all wooded interiors which look warm and great. It’s a challenge using flash photography in these places though as the light casts a yellow/orange tinge to everything. Mirrors also can be well used as at The Twelve Apostles. Some though go overboard with mirrors so we need to be extra careful not to get flash bounce or worse get ourselves, as the photographer, in the mirror in the background. Having said that though I am experienced in all these types of venues and over the 14 years of professional photography I have enough experience to get the shot no matter what the environment. I also ensure I arrive at a venue early (especially if it is the first time) to check out the environment.

If there are any venues out there needing some consultation on what works and doesn’t work for photographers give me a shout. I’d be happy to advise.