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Earlier this month I was commissioned to photograph a 5 day corporate incentive/conference trip to Dubai. I have been asked to exclude all company details, logos, branding and people images from this post so what I am showing is a general view of Dubai. We stayed in the Madinat Jameirah¬† resort and had guests in both the Mina A’Salam and Al Qasr hotels. Both are 5 star and connected to the Burj Arab hotel, supposedly the most luxurious hotel in the world. This is the sail like hotel you’ll see in many photos here and elsewhere of Dubai.

Everything is Dubai is the biggest, the best, the most this, the most that, the tallest this and the longest that. They really are pulling out the stops to attract people to their city and to maximize the benefits of their central location. I read a report that 10 000 people per month are relocating to Dubai – that answers my questions as to where do they find the people to fill all the office and apartment blocks they are building. Interestingly term they use for these blocks – a forest of towers…

Enjoy the pics.