Cederberg 2011

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We had it all in one day at our recent camping weekend at Algiers in the Cederberg. Saturday was the most perfect day (as the pics in this gallery show) spent in the river and at, and in, the pool. Soon after bedtime though we were “stirred” by a gale force wind which threatened to uproot our tent and displace it further up the valley. The tent was literally getting flattened. I have a wonderful mind image of our 6 year old leaning over her sleeping 8 year old sister doing her best to hold up the tent walls with her two little hands as if protecting her sister from the storm. It’s one of those images that will remain with me for a long time. Precious. Then later that night we had an awesome thunderstorm. Being in a valley the thunder rumbled and groaned it’s way up and down the valley. Was quite awesome and amusing maybe, how protected we felt in the tent.

Although we packed up camp in the rain the following day it was still a great weekend and enjoyed to the fullest. Thanks to all and enjoy the pics.