Cape Town Fires 2015

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A fire started above Muizenberg in Cape Town in the early hours of Sunday, March 01, 2015. Due to the fire Ou Kaapse Weg was closed on the Sunday although I managed to drive the road in the late morning to look at geting some photos (photographer perks). I didn’t capture any because the fire was quite high up and looked to be very much under control. We went to bed on Sunday night and the last thing on my mind was that this smallish fire would spread, and spread rapidly, towards us in Noordhoek later that night. We were woken at around 2am with neighbours warning us of the fire. I looked out our kitchen window onto the mountain – it was ablaze from one side all the way round to Chapman’s Peak. Look at my gallery below where I have added in a personal timeline through the events of the next 4 days. This is a personal timeline. There are so many more stories and events around this fire which I have not covered here. Things such as the awesome work by the neighbourhood watches, the incredible use of the neighbourhood watch radio system, the effective use, and some abuse, of the Community Forum on Facebook, the setting up of a control room and how the deployment of volunteers was handled from there, how the receiving of all the donations was arranged and distributed. The enormous and heart warming community spirit that prevailed.

Below is my personal photographic account of this huge, unwelcomed and uninvited event.