Amy Biehl Foundation

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Last night I attended a cocktail event hosted by the Amy Biehl Foundation. For the past couple of years I have donated a photo package to the foundation for them to include in the auction at their annual gala dinner. This year the dinner raised R503 000!

What Nelson Mandel said about Amy Biehl:

“She made our aspirations her own and lost her life in the turmoil of our transition as the new South Africa struggled to be born in the dying moments of apartheid. Through her, our peoples have also shared the pain of confronting a terrible past as we take the path of reconciliation and healing of our nation.ā€

If you do no know the Amy Biehl story and the foundation set up by her Mother, Linda, go to their website .

Last night was very uplifting with such good energy and loads of smiles. The staff are amazing and they do amazing stuff with and for the children in the townships. Well done to Linda Biehl, Kevin Chaplin and all the staff. So great to see such celebration arising out of such adversity.