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I love receiving good service and I then do my best to celebrate this good service with others. Below is an email from the CEO of Afrihost I would like to share. As I was going over the first part of this message I read it out to my wife commenting on how awesome it is that a company is reminding me to cancel my trial version if I am not happy. WOW! I then smiled when I read Gian’s  ps bit further down the page. Well done to you guys. On top of this I get the feeling that this type of culture permeates throughout Afrihost as I have received nothing but courteous, good, understanding and patient service from all I have spoken to at the company.

For those who are sceptical that this was actually written by the CEO. That is a possibility and even so, good on them that they have these processes in place and are happy to actually let people know the name of the CEO. Often the CEO is an imagined demi-God like figure that is protected from clients just in case we want to complain. Further on that though I replied to his email and received what looks like a personal note back from Gian. Yeah sceptics, that too could be an automated response. I like to think not though.

Besides this great client service I am happy with my ADSL connection and will be remaining with Afrihost after the R1 special expires.


Hi Stephen

I hope you’ve enjoyed your R1,00 ADSL!

A quick reminder:

If you’ve been disappointed by your
experience with us and want to cancel your
R1 account you need to do so in your
Client Zone by the 24th of August (Wednesday)

If you choose to keep your account (which
would be fantastic!) you’ll pay the normal
price for the package you chose as from
the 1st of next month.

Either way I hope you enjoyed your R1,00
ADSL account tremendously!


CEO, Afrihost


A friend said I was crazy to send you this.

He thought that if I kept quiet more clients
would forget to cancel and we’d get more
client’s paying full price on the 1st of Sept.

We’d make more money

And he’s probably right.

This email IS costing us money.

In the short run.

You see we passionately believe that all of
our client’s are under our protection (check
out the dictionary definition of ‘client’ – you
may be surprised!)

This means we’ll never ‘trick’ our way into
your wallet.

I know that if we always do what is best for
you then not only will you choose to stay
with us, you’ll tell your friends about the
company that puts you first

So we’ll all win in the long run!