Here we are…

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Here we are…

Welcome to my new, revamped site. Thanks for popping by and I hope you have fun viewing my images and I truly hope you find the site appealing enough to revisit, often. If you are looking for a commission please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

So when is a new site ready to go live? I have been pondering that question over the last few weeks while this new site has been undergoing a metamorphosis.¬† And I guess the answer is never, really. I think that is why someone invented this thing called a blog – that way we can say “well, we’re still busy…” So if you see any links that are broken, spelling mistakes or the like please leave a comment so i can do some running repairs.

I’m hoping to update my blog and my phog (that’s my word for a photo blog) as often as possible and to keep you informed around this wonderful passion of mine. And of course to keep you informed of my commissions and any upcoming workshops.

On this site you will see examples of my work and hopefully be inspired to sign me up for some more work.¬†Thank you very much! You will also find some personal images posted on stephenc. I considered this option for some time. Do I or don’t I include/mix/combine my “work” photography with my “play” photography. After engaging with some folk I have decided to also showcase my personal images here. I hope you don’t mind. To me, photography really is a passion and so whether I am clicking for a client or clicking for myself it is still clicking and I feel privileged to be able to share these images through this site.

So, browse around and enjoy. And please let me know any comments you may have.

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